SAP Business Intelligence

A successful deployment of BI starts with a clear and consequent architecture. In order to reach the best possible BI solution, Exxap applies the principle of the SAP Enterprise Data Warehouse model. A key element thereof is that data is first stored in the data warehouse layer of SAP BI, without having been converted. As a result, the business content data warehouse layer including the corresponding extractors can be properly deployed. Operating from this wide (data) base any ad hoc future reporting needs, in addition to predefined reporting needs, can often be met in a flexible and prompt manner. In brief: ‘extract once, deploy many’.

We do not rely on a single BI project. Optimising BI is a continuous and evolving process and is carried out by taking small steps. A multi-disciplined team is required. Defining and protecting the ‘single point of truth’ is of course of paramount importance. Deploying BI is not a rush decision, nor when that includes business content! It is important to first create a framework and organisation within which BI can mature.

One of the pillars for a successful BI application is the organisation’s trust in intelligence. Not only can this trust be traced back to the ultimate reporting quality, but certainly also to the reliability and timely availability of the data. This leads to the necessity to automatically inspect BI data and to inform the BI user on the status of the data.

SAP BI is a reasonably technical environment in which often previous ABAP developers are deployed who possibly lack practical SAP R3 expertise. The best possible use of the business content provided by SAP and developing own content requires practical knowledge in particular. Exxap offers practical BI Consultants who, in addition to practical BI knowledge, have many years of experience in multinational large-scale R3 processes. This wide experience will be very useful in the future, particularly with a view to SAP’s XApps: we know what’s what! 
Exxap also has experience with managing complex BI environments and is able to assist you in this field.

“Exxap offers practical BI Consultants with many years of experience in multinational large-scale R3 processes.