Reliability and efficiency. Does one of the following apply to you:

  • Testing requires too much time and capacity within our organisation.

  • We suffer from regular faults in our application.

…then our eCATT service product is the solution for you.

The eCATT service product

The following activities and products fall within the scope of the eCATT service product:

  • Deployment and configuration of eCATT in your system environment.

  • Implementation of 5 test scenarios for your critical business processes (at your discretion).

  • Training of users and/or consultants to operate eCATT and its functions.

  • Scheduled automatic testing within the processes of your IT organisation.

  • Template for documenting test scenarios.

Advantages for your organisation

  • Reduce the time required to carry out tests, both for key-users and consultants.

  • Increase the reliability of your application and reduce production disruptions.

  • Increase awareness of your critical processes and how they must be tested.

  • Tests can be reproduced at any given time.

  • Changes can be implemented at a higher frequency.

  • TCO is reduced.

“The Exxap eCATT solution reduces the time required to carry out tests,and increases the reliability of your applications.